Thursday, February 20, 2020

Working with Leading People for a Business to Be Successful Essay

Working with Leading People for a Business to Be Successful - Essay Example For instance, many giants succumb to poor management hence losing their client base and impact in a market. Therefore, the recruitment process is very delicate, as it becomes a company’s navigating factor and foundation. In essence, improvement on the standard level of Delicious food entails the application of various influential factors. Majorly, effectiveness and competency in the selection process are inevitable, as the overall task requires utmost sobriety. In addition, the process needs to be vigorous with every shortlisted candidate aiming to outdo the other for them to get the managerial position advertised. Primarily, the experience possessed by these candidates will not be very substantial during the selection procedure. The most suitable candidates will be those with high prospects of bringing fresh and innovative ideas on the expansion of Delicious Food’s market presence will be high. The objective of this paper shall be to state the selection process by givi ng all that is required in order for the company to achieve its ultimate objective. Steps in the selection process Recruitment a) Job advertisement: Do you possess what it takes to be a team player? Are you the result-oriented kind of leader? Then Delicious Food Company is looking to collaborate with you to venture in to wider markets. If you have these attributes kindly, send your application and resume to our recruitment desk for your chance to be part of this great process. Remember you need to stand out for us to notice that you have what it takes us to bring you aboard our stable. b) Question segment: i. Describe yourself in a way that another person would view you. ii. Kindly discuss a situation in relation to your previous job responsibility as to how you were a team player and not a boss. iii. Do you have any firsthand experience in the development and oversight of new projects? iv. How would you adapt to changes in the event that they occur and how will you spearhead your t eam in to smooth adaptation of the change? v. How would you handle a member of staff whose output adds little value to the company? In line with Delicious Food Company’s mission of rolling out new branches countrywide, the managers will have to prove to the recruiting body that they are capable of building a project from scratch then nurture it to maturity. The task will be enormous, as it will entail them to begin a branch and ensure that it realizes profit. In essence, each will have to give a detailed plan of the steps that they intend to follow ensure that their individual branches realize profit. Therefore, for the recruitment department, it will be more on innovativeness rather than value addition. Competition among the shortlisted individuals will assist the department in identifying those who are most viable and able to perform. Ideally, effectiveness of the process will rely on giving each candidate the opportunity to exhibit his or her full potential hence making it a credible process. Legally, it would be risky to enroll the services of individuals without conducting intense background checks. Subsequently, the Human Resource department will scrutinize whether these candidates have acted out any form of fraud or whether they are on the police’s list of the most wanted. Essentially, doing this check will save Delicious Food Company from being in any legal suit. In addition, the shortlisted individuals should point out what their intended pay will be to avoid any legal confrontations once in office. Ethically, the moral aspects set by society have to come into play by carefully factoring the candidates’ states and conditions. Emphasis should be on avoiding any form of discrimination during the process as it may attract unintended lawsuits. Arguably, the

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