Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Comparing Three Specific Works of Art Research Paper

Comparing Three Specific Works of Art - Research Paper Example During the tenure, the animal symbolism was created and this made him be viewed as one of the foundation artists for that genre. During the transformation period, Matisse has entangled it and this leads to the birth of the great artist (Walther, 2003). In the initial early stages, artists were involved in the painting of still images, as well as tutorial landscapes that lacked the influence of the wild beast. Moreover, Henri Matisse was accredited for the paintings, as well as the cutouts often seen as real pictures independent of any constructed activities. As such, he was the first artist to be accredited for the works involving ornately- decorated portraits. For instance, the dance stood as an example of the splendid masterpieces that were created by Henri Matisse in his lifetime (Walther, 2003). Furthermore, Henri Matisse produced close to 50 bronze sculptures, which made him stand out as one of the great sculpture of that time (Kobbi, 1990). Indeed he was overheard admitting tha t his desire for bronze originated from David’s work. As widely noted traveling formed a large factor for the young and impressionable artist (Kobbi, 1990). It cannot be negated that Henri Matisse wanted to be a lawyer during the early stage of his career. As such his role was directed by the constant dreams emerging out as a great lawyer. However, with the discovery of an artistic stroke, the schooling life came to an end (Kobbi, 1990). It is important to note that, he became more influential in 1905. During this period, Henri Matisse worked with an artistic friend in color France. Following that, his color stroke emerged out which eventually formed the basis for open window works. Later on, the view through the common window stood out as the most recurring theme within the work of Henri Matisse. This eventually opened the doors for great works such as the flowerpot’s’ and an open window. Lastly, at the age of 25 Matisse embraced patterns and incorporated them in some of his works such as the Red studio.

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