Thursday, November 21, 2019

Nature Versus Nurture, which is responsible for leaders Assignment

Nature Versus Nurture, which is responsible for leaders - Assignment Example In order to understand whether or not leaders are natural born or nurtured into a leader, it is important to understand what exactly defines a leader and what type of traits a leader should posses. A leader can be defined as someone who is able to lead others. To lead others is to conduct plans and implement plans in a way other can easily follow. It is also important for a leader to be able to lead others in a way others will want to follow. Possessing a personality that is favored by many is a necessity for someone to be a leader. A leader is able to lead others into a specific event and lead others in a certain directions. Leaders need to have specific traits. Specific traits a leader should posses would include a strong personality. Strong personalities allow a leader to not easily be manipulated and stay focused. A leader must also posses’ traits that allow him or her to be organized. Being organized shows others that as a leader one is confident and well structured. A leader needs to work well under stress. Being able to work well under stress will allow for a leader to take on large tasks without easily becoming discouraged. The more personable one may be, the more able the leader is to obtain followers. A leader is not a leader unless people are willing to follow with their own free will and not by force or fear. Anyone can lead by fear but a true leader leads by personal choice. Knowing what a leader is and specific traits a leader should posses help to further explore the idea that leaders are both born with specific traits and nurtured by proper upbringing. Intelligence is a perfect example as to how leaders can be born leaders. A leader needs to have a certain level of intelligence in order to lead others. One who is born with a higher level of intelligence is able to learn fast, stay focused and keep up with the demand it takes to lead. It would be hard to lead others if one was lacking necessary skills such as

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