Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hollywood cinema Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Hollywood cinema - Essay Example Yet all these are shallow representations of what genre really is. Studying about film genre is not about labeling the films as such. Genre, to the film maker, means the elements on which a film is based, which includes thoughts, ideas and realizations. This paper aims to tackle a thorough understanding on what film genre really is and how it has affected Hollywood Cinema for the past years. The word â€Å"genre† originated from France and originally meant â€Å"class or kind†. Initially, in the older days, it was used to differentiate various works of literature such as prose, drama or poetry. Later on, Shakespeare began to add subcategories such as tragedy and comedy. In the early 1950s, the word genre began to be associated with various classifications of film. The usage of this word continued on to the 1970s wherein there were more films being produced in Hollywood. As of now, there are numerous film genres that we see at movie houses and stores, indicating that indeed cinema have broadened over the past years. At present, genre is not just a word used to classify films. Filmmakers and artists now look at genre as a type of style or subject matter. These people delve deep into the events, ideas and thoughts that lead to the conceptualization of the film. Was there a difference in the creation of film as to style and theme over the years? It is not easy to brand a film by its genre. Genre, in itself, is a vague term. Most of us nowadays classify films as to its subject matter and suitability. Yet, there is a question as to whether the idea of film genre will always remain as such. It is not indeed easy to brand a film as to whether it is just a comedy, a drama or action film. Most films are mixed, i.e. they may be romantic comedies or action-drama. Yet, as vague as it is, it is essential for us that we know the basic elements of film genre. A filmmaker needs to know the elements of a particular genre because it is with these elements

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