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Question: Discuss About The Structured Reflection Business Communication? Answer: Introduction Business communication refers to the communication within an organization and its various parts such as the managers, employees, stakeholders and even the customers. Proper business communication strengthens a companys internal bonding and people working in the organization are much happier and hence productive (Kaul 2014). The topic that interests me the most in this subject is the aspect of intercultural communication and its various aspects. Intercultural Communication has been regarded as the most emerging trends in the 21st century because of the rise of globalisation. Starting from workplace to every sphere of life, intercultural communication is a trend that is found everywhere. Intercultural communication refers to the communication that takes place between people of two different communities and culture. Intercultural communication enables a person to delve into a communication with people who come from different cultural background and this part makes it very interesting to me because it allows me to get a closer insight about the various cultures that are present in and around the world. Intercultural communication is not always a very easy task and there can be barriers in having a proper intercultural communication. The language can be one of the most common barriers when it comes to the intercultural communication domain. However, it needs to be noted that language is not the only barrier but the culture itself can be a barrier, like a culture can be to closed and may not allows much of interaction with other people or may be to formal to have a close and proper communication. It intrigues me the most because I feel that this is an era when distances are covered swiftly by technology, cultures are coming closer to each other and they are not anymore abiding by the geographical boundaries that contain them. Hence, such a communication and its effective skill set is necessary. Intercultural communication is a subject that has massive implications when it comes to communication because in the present scenario and the days to come, cultures will confluence with each other and communication among them will be mandatory in order to survive in the immediate environment (Neuliep 2017). I believe that intercultural communication is something that empowers an individual beyond the accounting to which ones own culture can empower. Such kind of communication allows people to come in contact with each other and gather more knowledge with every interaction. The topic interests me because I feel that intercultural communication allows people to garner new skills and thoughts that were previously unknown to them due to their society and the limitations that bided them. Mixing and interacting with diverse people from range of cultures will only add the best of things from each culture to an individuals character. The phenomenon of intercultural communication allows a per son to be ready for the global perspective (Liu, Volcic and Gallois, 2014). The various achieved skills and working style from other cultures help an individual to get accustomed to the various cultures of the world and increases a persons ability to work in and with diverse range of people in any place. I believe that it helps in removing barriers and evolves a person to become a good communicator and hence paves the way for success in the 21st century globalised world. According me, the fact remains that people interacting with each other leads to removal of all prejudices and stereotypes and enables free and fair communication that promotes peace without any debate. Every time I have seen successful organizations, I find that all of them are diverse in their workforce and hence the level of efficiency is way higher and productive. Such benefit of the topic makes it very appealing to me when it comes to business communication. In the coming days of my career, the aspect of intercultural communication will always have a significant importance and contribution. The professional world these days have people coming around from various cultures and backgrounds. In order to succeed in the workplace, it will be essential on my part to indulge into practicing intercultural communication so that people around me can easily communicate with me and feel at ease. In the professional world, it is very essential to be away from any kind of stereotyped thought and idea as it will lead to disorientation in the entire work process. The intercultural communication is foremost for a communicator to become an effective communicator. Clearly expressing the self to other people will require good communication skills and such skills can be honed by practicing complete communication development that will include intercultural communication. The global organizations are looking for people who are experts in communicating with peop le from diverse cultural background because managing such a diverse workforce is mandatory in order to achieve the target and growth for an organization (Martin and Nakayama 2015). I need to speak more with people who do not belong to culture and have a friendly non-stereotyped thinking towards them in order to be able in intercultural communication. I feel conscious when I am faced with new people and this reaction makes people think I am a person who does not like to communicate. However, that is not the fact because I am an individual who wishes to communiReference shyness because in this modern world there is no room for someone who is an incompetent communicator. I can apply intercultural communication skills in my workplace by engaging in conversation with all the diverse people and enriching myself with all the knowledge that they will provide me based in their perception towards an issue and their specific thought process. Such skills in my character will make people feel co mfortable with me and express their thoughts to me without any apprehension, as I will be glad to communicate with everyone in a positive way. These will help me succeed in my career and achieve the goals that I have in life regarding my future. Reference Kaul, A., 2014.Effective business communication. PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.. Liu, S., Volcic, Z. and Gallois, C., 2014.Introducing intercultural communication: Global cultures and contexts. Sage. Martin, J.N. and Nakayama, T.K., 2015. Reconsidering intercultural (communication) competence in the workplace: A dialectical approach.Language and Intercultural Communication,15(1), pp.13-28. Neuliep, J.W., 2017.Intercultural communication: A contextual approach. Sage Publications.

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